Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Glurp Comic is officially Edge of Nowhere


Glurp Comic is Now "Edge of Nowhere".  Truth be told for the last 2 years I had struggled with just what to call my webcomic and out of necessity I decided to just go with the main characters name "Glurp"  but that never seemed right to me.  Not that Glurp wasn't important to me or the comic as a whole , just did not see that as the name.  As it turned out the name was in front of me all along.  I was goofing around on a social media a while back and the spot you fill in LOCATION I had typed Edge of Nowhere.  And now you have it a little background of the name. Changing the name also allows me to work out some kinks I did not like before and you might notice a character has been removed from the roster.  The rebooted WEBCOMICS will have the header Edge of Nowhere as you would expect. 
Thanks for tooning in.